It is crucial that you cater to your non-English speaking audience with an ad campaign that speaks to them linguistically and culturally.Companies now need to localize and translate their brand, product names or slogans in order to create a feeling among your clients that it was actually made in that country.

gatewaylanguages Website Localization

Translating your website is one of the most cost-efficient ways to communicate globally. Localizing your translations is highly important. Our staff of native-speaking translators considers the regionalisms, the colloquialisms, the slang, the usage and area-specific terminology to compose the truest translations that most reflect the original message. When localizing a website, our website localization tool makes everything smooth on the front end for your clients and your IT team. All new content is automatically updated and translated into the new language. SEO keyword groups and PPC ad words are translated to top performance by your fully-functional translated website. Professional voice-overs in the target language and voice bites will be added to complete the localization transformation when necessary.

gatewaylanguages Marketing Materials

Launching a marketing campaign in a new language market can be challenging. Its good to know what language style, colors or imaging could be taboo in different situations culturally and avoid that entirely. Make them feel at home by localizing your marketing materials into their native tongue in a way that speaks to them culturally. With the right brand awareness, cultural insight, and team around you, your marketing campaign can create the right buzz and solidly build your business in the target language market.

gatewaylanguages Desktop Publishing

We make sure your newly translated content fits in the text fields within your files, making sure that nothing looks awkward to the eye of your limited-English speaking clientele. Our DTP team has extensive technological expertise along with solid typographical experience in all of the most common alphabetical and ideographical languages. We keep track of the different fonts, special characters, different hyphenation rules, and culturally appropriate styles to ensure that your materials are translated successfully. We routinely work on all versions of software platforms including InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, and more, in both PC and Mac.

gatewaylanguages SEO Translation

Our Multilingual SEO Translation service takes keyword search volume and competition into consideration during the translation process. With Multilingual SEO translation, you receive alternative keyword checks, onsite and offsite adjustments to translated website, search engine submissions, classifieds, profile creations, business listings, and bookmarking. This is a great addition to your website localization package to ensure top performance in new markets.


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